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Play Supermarket Toy for Kids

33 PCS Mini DIY Home Supermarket, including cash register, pretend play, children's simulation shopping cart. It is suitable for toddlers as a gift.

-Product Size: 37cmx38.5cmx20cm

-Mini home supermarket play set contains 33pcs accessories, can enable children to know more clearly about supermarket. Vivid and active pattern, makes children have a fun experience.

-Abundant Accessories: This cashier toy cart play set contains many pieces included ice cream cones, credit card as well as other dessert and food items. Great for parent-child interaction, playing with friends, kindergarten role play tools.

-Educational Toy: The toys can help cultivate children's communication and practical ability. Under the participation and interaction of parents, the game can play a better role in guiding the development of children's thinking ability, and increasing the feelings between parents and children.

- Best Gift and Service: This creative supermarket is a great preschool educational toy for hours of build and play, sparking your child’s creativity and hone their cognitive skills. Perfect gift for birthday parties, Christmas, holidays, education toys, and teaching aids, etc.

超市兒童玩具 (33pcs)

  • 33 件迷你DIY居家Supermarket,包含收銀機、假裝遊戲、兒童模擬購物車。具教育性,適合幼兒作為禮物,送給男孩女孩均可。

    - 產品尺寸: 37公分 x 38.5公分 x 20公分

    - 迷你家庭超市遊戲組包含 33 配件,可以讓孩子更清楚地了解超市。生動活潑的圖案,讓孩子們有一個有趣的體驗。

    - 豐富的配件: 這款收銀機玩具車玩具套裝包含許多片,包括冰淇淋錐、信用卡以及其他甜點和食品物品。


    - 益智玩具: 玩具有助於培養孩子的溝通和實用能力。在父母的參與和互動下,這款遊戲可以發揮更好的作用來指導孩子的思維能力,並增加父母和孩子之間的感受。

    - 最佳禮物與服務: 這款創意超市是一款很棒的學齡前教育玩具,適合長時間建造和玩耍,激發孩子的創造力並磨練他們的認知技能。


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