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HOME Kids Kitchen Playsets with realistic lights and sound, play sink with running water, desert shelf toy and 36 pieces kitchen accessories

- Toy Kitchen Set: Package size: 14.5in x 6.3in x 18.9in

- The kid’s kitchen table includes play stove with realistic light and sounds, play sink with running water, rotatable dessert shelf and 35 piece kitchen accessories, which add more pretend play fun.

- Quality and child-friendly play kitchen for toddler preschoolers: high quality material, odor-free; smooth edges, no burr, no sharp edges on every single accessory; durable.

- Lifelike kitchen cooking toy: When cooking is done, kids can clean dishes in play sink, storage space and molded-in shelves and kitchen utensils and appliances hook make organization a breeze! It also encourages your child to keep his or her kitchen accessories organized and off of the floor.

- Super fun and education kitchen toy: With this pretend play kitchen toy set, children can be chef and feel free to cook with their parents or friends, enhance their dexterity, and cultivate social and hands-on skills and stimulate imagination.

童廚房玩具組 42pcs

  • 逼真的燈光和聲音,帶跑步水的遊戲水槽,沙漠擱架玩具和36件廚房配件。

    - 包裝尺寸: 14.5英吋 × 6.0英吋 × 18.0英吋

    - 兒童廚房桌子包括玩具式爐具,配有逼真的燈光和聲音、帶流水的遊戲水槽、可旋轉的甜點架和 42 件廚房配件,增添更多假裝遊戲樂趣。

    - 優質兒童友善幼兒廚房: 高品質材料、無異味; 光滑邊緣、無毛邊,每個配件沒有鋒利邊緣,耐用 。

    - 廚房烹飪玩具: 烹飪完成後,孩子們可以在遊戲水槽、儲存空間和模製的架子上清潔餐具,以及廚房用具和電器掛鉤,讓整理變得輕而易舉!它也鼓勵您的孩子將廚房配件井然有序地放在地板上。

    - 超級有趣且具教育性質的廚房玩具: 有了這套假裝遊戲廚房玩具組,孩子們可以廚師,隨時與父母或朋友一起烹飪,提高他們的靈巧性,培養社交和動手技能,並激發想像力。

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